hey!! i was just thinking if any of the teams are thinking about using a steering mechanism on their robot

As far as I know, our team isn’t planning on it but who knows, we tend to change our minds really frequently…

We were going to but the issues with it weren’t worth the gain of easier laps

-If we were herding and a ball slips away it would hard to maneuver and regain the ball
-if we were hurdling going straight on could be complicated
-Our mentor brought up turning differential or something like that(I zoned out, he was talking forever)
-programming it could be hard
-It could take up a large amount of space

If you were just running laps I guess it could work

Some pros we came up with:

-fast, easy to control
-lighweight (compared to our 6wd or mecanum)
-cheapest (by far)
-super duper awesome.

I think it will end up being more meneuverable than people think; you don’t necessarily have a giant turning radius. With an ackermann type set up you can get a turning radius of about 14" (to the inside of the robot), and with some programming tricks with the back wheels, you may be able to get it to turn on the spot.