Driving 2 motors at the same time

I’m not sure if this is the right section, but I think it fits. Apologizes in advance.
We would like to drive two robot at the same time but we can’t connect both at the same time, because both radios are 4191. If I go into modem interface and change ssid will it work? If not how can we make make both robots work?
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In theory, yes. In practice, it may be slightly more difficult.

I am not an expert at this, but I believe that you actually need to change the IP address of one of the radios (and changing the SSID would also be a good idea). Try using 1914 (your number, in reverse).

Changing the SSID to give each robot a unique name is the usual way to do it, and it works fine.

(There’s another option, but it isn’t reasonable unless you have a dedicated wireless access point and the robot routers are configured to bridge to it.)

There are three places to change your team number.

[li]Use the FRC Bridge Configuration Tool to reprogram one of your radios to have a different team number (doesn’t matter what it is, just keep the radio off when near other teams!)[/li][li]In Eclipse, go to Preferences > WPILib Preferences and change your team number to whichever radio you want to deploy to.[/li][li]On your driver station, open the settings section and change your team number to the team number of whichever radio you want to run using that computer.[/li][/LIST]

Final thing: make sure you’re connected to the right wifi network for the robot that you want to deploy to / run.

Can you tell more about bridge thing? We have one spare radio. I could use as bridges and access point.

Another step (1.1) You also need to reflash your roborio with the new team number in addition to all the above steps. You can use the RoboRio imaging utility that came in the 2015 FRC software update to do this.

Here is a thread that talks about how to do this. Read Greg’s posts in particular.

Running each robot on a separate SSID is probably the easiest. The typical non-event way to this is use the robot radio as an AP & set the SSID there. make sure the DHCP is turned on in the AP. (For the roborio class bots). Connect the DS computer to the robot you want to drive.

For the Roborios. You can go into the configuration web page and change the MDNS name there. Easier than doing all the other stuff.