Driving a robot with a Wii Nunchuck

Here’s something I’ve been playing with for the last week or so:


Wow, that’s really cool!

this is the coolest thing ive seen all day

umm, I’m not sure, but…
there isn’t an accelerometer on the Nunchuck is there? or are you just tilting the 'chuck for effect?

There’s a 3-axis accelerometer in the Nunchuck.

Both nunchuck and remote have 3-axis accelerometers. The nunchuck lacks the IR camera that gives the remote its pointing abilities.

That is dang schweet!

ok, that is WAY cool!!! I have a student who wants to use the Wii controller on the robot. I really need to show him this.

Super cool!

I did this with the old control system, but had to use a computer in the middle because we didn’t have USB back in the day :slight_smile:

On a VEX Bot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JPgqPBQ_ZE
On an FRC Bot: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxOfHIDkFPU


that’s amazing but it gives me a feeling that it’ll be hard to control like ways i wounder how a ds lite would work I’m guessing someone would make a program for the R4 and it’ll use wi-fi configurations and connect to the router? does anyone actually know how i’m sure it’s been done before I’m not planning on using it but it’'l be fun to know

you guys using that this year? i guess not if it requires an adapter, but it would be cool!

We had seriously thought about doing this to drive the robot this season, but the controller uses bluetooth, which is specifically excluded by the rules (at least for this year).

The Nunchuk talks I2C, which is a wired communication protocol. The way Dave describes the setup, they have the Nunchuk plugged into an adaptor board which translates the I2C into USB, so there is no wireless involved. It sounds perfectly legal to me.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the video (blocked where I work) or I guess I would have known that:(

That sounds awesome. I’ll need to check it out when I’m home. Actually, I had looked at using the normal Wii controller (not the Nunchuck). I don’t believe that could be used the same way.

I can drive our robot with hand gestures. Push=forward pull=backward etc.

yeah, the video was blocked here too. but great idea and concept.

Very Kool Dave… I iwshed I had time to even try that out.

That is pretty neat, but how do we know you’re not using a regular controller off-screen?

Because WildStang has a thing for irregular control setups. :wink: