Driving Age

Last year (our rookie year) I remember hearing that you have to be 16 to drive the robot… but I don’t remember where I heard it, if it was even a FIRST rule. Anybody know where I can find where it would say the age you have to be to drive, if there is one?

Most likely a team rule. No minimum age is mandated by FIRST.

I have never seen an official posting of the rules of the minimal age of a drive team member (just that they have to be in high school). I know last year at one of the regionlas I attended eyebrows were raised at a couple of young ladies on a drive time who looked 8 and 10 years old but no one confronted them about it (at least while they were in the field area).

If I am interpreting this correctly, they should be legal:

Rule 2.2.3

Each FRC team may provide up to four Players for each Match: two Drivers, one Inbounder, and one Coach. The Drivers must be pre-college student team members and are responsible for operating and controlling the Robot. The Inbounders must be pre-college student team members and are responsible for entering Basketballs onto the Court. The Coach may be a student or adult team member. The Coach must wear the designated “Coach” pin or button during the Match.

It appears that its okay to be younger than high school, just not older.

It could be a team rule, but I’m thinking it might also be related to the fact that ‘gullible’ is not really a word in the English language.

I dont think there’s ever a rule in FIRST about students having to be in high school either… Ive seen homeschoolers do it…and I wanna say theres amiddle school team in Texas somewhere…

Just because someone is homeschooled doesn’t mean they aren’t a high school student. Trust me on this. I homeschooled clear through high school, and the earliest I was on the team officially was 8th grade (I stayed on through graduation, but never drove). There weren’t many students that joined in 8th grade…

and I wanna say theres amiddle school team in Texas somewhere…
Yes, there is. I want to say they’re somewhere in the 1700 range of team numbers. (2006 rookies)

I think you just can’t be in college

I know for a fact that I was 15 when I was the lead driver for HayWire 1569 at Championships.

Might’ve been a few older students giving you grief.

No way there is a FIRST drive requirement. Freshman and sophomores have always gone for driver position on my team. IDK who told you there is a requirement, but they definitely don’t want younger students driving.

Definitely no driving age requirement! When I was 13, I was the head driver and I drove my robot in all competitions.

When I was in Eighth grade i was on a FRC team and i drove at the offseason events.
Casually points to rule manual