Driving at Last!

My friends, there is a special moment during every build season, when you lube up the gears, wire up the motors, and for the first time, baby takes <edit>its (shake fist at AR grammar ppl)<edit> first baby steps. In order to share this special moment with all of you, we have prepared a series of videos to showcase the agility and power of our robot. Please visit this link, where we host all the videos thus far. Enjoy!

P.S. Number 24 is my favorite :slight_smile:

Video Gallery

<EDIT>The videos are Quicktime, but .avi files. Very tricky :wink:

Ahh! I see that you discovered the “CMD_FLING_RECEIVER_RADIO_ACROSS_ROOM” command in the robot scripting language! :slight_smile: Nicely done! (and congratulations on getting your robot driving!)


The good Lord willing and the building doesn’t collapse, our new baby will turn its first wheel tonight. Please.

(Pedantic grammar note: “it’s” is a contraction of “it is.” To show possession, you would use “its.” I keep all my socks in alphabetical order by color, too. Here’s an obsessive reminder sentence of it’s/its and two/too/to: “When it’s time for a delivery truck to stop at the shop, you can see its driver, and the cargo of two CNC machines, too.” I couldn’t figure out how to include they’re/there/their in the same sentence.)

Please forgive me…

I love watching your mentors jump and run in fear:) Very nice, good job. You are one fast team:)