Driving In a Straight Line Correction

Hello. I need some help making our robot drive straight. I would like to ask if this would work?


I would like to know why you are running gyro angle times 52 into pid. I would just try running gyro angle straight into pid as process variable. Also I would make sure your pid values are reasonable.

My team has just run the gyro angle straight into ArcadeDrive in the past, and I believe that is how the old gyro examples did it. Why go through the pain that is pid?

That way it’ll be converted into degrees.

That wouldn’t work because the gyro doesn’t give out a value of -1 to 1

Right, but the code runs at ~200 Hz, correct? so the change in angle is never really going to be that large. (assuming rate gyro)

If it is an absolute value gyro, then multiplying would not work- dividing by 30 if less than 30, and by the absolute value of the angle if the absolute value was greater than 30 would work.

Good luck, in any case!