Driving on the Regolith

We were driving on what we think is regolith and it was easier to drive than driving it in the court yard of our school. we did not think that this should make sense. Do you think that our faculty adivsor picked up the wrong surface?

Is your “regolith” a sheet of Glasliner FRP? How much did it cost (As this may tell us if you picked up the right stuff)?

No it did not. it said Gladsteel though.

Glasteel makes Glasliner FRP - you probably have the right stuff. You need to have the “bumpy” side up.

FIRST has said that the co-efficient of friction is less then originally tested. We are setting up half of a field this afternoon, so we will see what difference it is compared to the hallways.

Gill St. Bernards? I used to live on Fowler Road, across from Hamilton Farm there in Gladstone. Small world.

yup that’s us