Driving robot on concert?

Hello all,
Our robot uses a combination of omni-wheel and the rubber ones.
Going around to demos/expos/fairs etc we usually need to drive on concert instead of carpet, i am wonder how do you guys do it without ruining your wheels?
We are thinking about using pneumatic tires for this.
Any ideas would be appertained.

It’s kind of hard to drive a robot on concert–the musicians hate having it run over their instruments. :stuck_out_tongue:

Most robots are just fine running on concrete and asphalt as well as carpet. The main problem you might have is with the omni wheels. If they’re in pairs with the rollers offset, you should be OK.

If you’re concerned about the rubber wheels, get some conveyor belting and attach with screws. That’ll add an extra layer of protection to them. For the omnis, if you’re concerned there, that’s where you use just rubber wheels that have been thrashed around for a season or more–you don’t exactly care if they get chewed up by the rougher surface.

Duct tape over the wheels works surprisingly well for this.

Either keep the omnis as is, or replace them with KoP or other random wheels (with duct tape). That should work for the demo.

If possible have a spare set of wheels one set for demos and one for competitions.

The standard kop wheels should be fine running on concrete. They might just get a little dirty and not look as shiny. Same goes for the onmi wheels unless you have an a holononic drive setup which I don’t think you have coniderong you have a pair of non omni wheels.

We just use standard KOP wheels on our demo bot as asphalt chews up the surface but the wheels aren’t expensive and they don’t mark wooden gym floors or school hallways/classrooms so they were a good solution for us as that robot is rarely driven on carpet.

KOP wheels are cheap, universal, relatively durable, and replaceable. If you keep your KOP wheels around like my team (we also have 8 pre-2008 joysticks no one will let me throw away 0_o) year after year, you have a free supply of wheels that can work on a “demo bot.” If we ever tour with our Lunacy Robot, it will probably get the KOP treatment.