Driving Shooter NEO causes Right Drive Base to start running

We used a REV NEO for our shooter and every time we try to run our shooter, our right drive base will start driving as well.

We aren’t pressing the controls for the drivebase so it shouldn’t be moving.

This has also impacted our driving - when driving, the left side will move faster than the right, causing the robot to turn unless the shooter is driving as well.

Any advice is appreciated.

Check your CAN ID’s for both devices and make sure they are not the same. And make sure the CAN IDs are correct in code.


… and make sure you are calling restoreFactoryDefaults(); on those motors in the code when initiating them. One might have a left over follow motor id hanging around.


What motor controller is your right drive motor using? Is it using PWM or CAN?

We had similar problems in 2021. We would run our shooter that had Falcons and our elevator running a NEO would start moving. Quick fix is don’t use NEO’s.

Plug into your sparkmaxs and go to the run tab in the Rev Hardware client and make sure one is not set to follow another.

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