Driving Station Issue

So as of last night, we had the driver station working over the wifi. We got communications, ran the code through labview, and everything was good. Today, we tried connecting, and we got no communications. We even tried connecting the USB directly from the RoboRIO to the laptop, and nothing. But when we tried putting it to another computer, it was fine.

We tried turning off the firewall, resetting the router, and re-imaging the RIO. Were not sure why we cant run it anymore over the wifi connection.

Any help would be appreciated!

If it worked on another PC why did you reset everything?

If you reset your DLink, I hope you ran the Bridge Configuration Utility on it again.

Well we werent sure what to do so we were trying anything really. I’ll make sure to try running the Bridge Configuration Utility tommorow and let you know. Thanks!

But also, when I put the USB into the laptop, I still didnt get any communication, but when it was into the main computer we work on, the communications were fine.

For the USB network connection to work you’ll need to have installed the FRC Update on whatever computer you are using.

Well it is updated, and thats why I’m confused. Because it was working last night, and it wasnt touched between then and when we tried using it. On that same computer that was being used last night, that had worked fine, gets communications, even after connecting to the wi-fi.