Driving to events

Do your teachers allow you to drive your car to events? This includes kickoff, meetings, everything.


Kickoff is across town, so yes.

Meetings yes

Competitions, no unless your parents drive you and they have some legitimate reason that you will need to travel with them instead of the team

Meetings, yes.
Kickoff at our shop, so yes.
Regionals, not unless with a parent and the team knows. That way we don’t expect you on the bus because we saw you that day, and don’t go crazy looking for you when you are headed home with your parents.


The couple of times I went to Kickoff I was always taken by someone else, and it’s always been that the team takes a bus together to regionals.

But when I can grab the car from my family, yeah, I drive to meetings (before I graduated).

As it stood before I graduated, you could drive YOURSELF to kick-off or any such related meetings, or fundraising events. However, you can not drive any other student. As for competitions, I’m not really sure if there is anything stating wether or not you have to travel with the team. I always traveled with my family, and it was never under question.

It seems that for our team, as long as it’s local, it’s ok for you to drive.

The means meetings, fundraisers, and our local competition (SBPLI) which is about 10 minutes away.

Anything off the island, no, we have to travel with the team.

we would let parents drive anywhere, with as many kids as they could take (plus a few more). however if a student was driving, then they could only drive themselves, so generally we’d chuck all the tools and whatnot in their car.

We are allowed to drive to the shop, kickoff, whatever.

Last year, since our regional was during Spring Break and not a ‘school field trip’, students were able to drive down to UCF as long as the mentors knew. This year this may happen also depending on situations.

To nationals, it the cheese wagon this year. :confused:

ugh! how many hours is that in a school bus?!?

We hold our meatings in the shcool metle shop as for driving to reginals do you think i would drive 16 hours to St Luis in my car im riding the nice greyhound

Meetings/Kickoff - Drive

Regional - Not a student anymore!! so Drive

Nationals - Still debating this one weather to Fly or Drive. most likely fly.


We can drive to meetings and such. But when I asked our sponsering teacher if I could dive to GLR he said “I didn’t hear that.” Thats a yes in my book.

Our first competition is close enough that we have to drive ourselves. As for kickoff and the other competitions, we always travel together, but I doubt they would stop us if we traveled with parents.

This year we’re thinking about getting a bus to go to Nationals. Personnally, I want to get a couple SUVs and drive down ourselves. Team roadtrip! :stuck_out_tongue:

we can drive ourselves and other team members … but then again everything (meetings, kickoff, regional) is all local …

if we go to nationals … things might be changed …

Why drive your own car to events… aka Nationals… when you can go down on a BUS with the WHOLE TEAM!? Now that is one true bonding experience…

Flying is a bit strenuous… :stuck_out_tongue:

We drive everywhere, except to Nats and far away regionals, like Annapolis last year. We are lucky, our regional is only 15 mins from our school, so everone drives there. But we have to sign a transportation form before we go with the method of transportation.

yeah, i’m pretty sure that’s how our team is. if you’re able to drive, meaning you have a license and a car, then you’re welcome to drive yourself (ie: the SoCal Regional which is fairly close to us.)

YEs, but i have to call them so they make sure they arn’t dirving when I am.