Driving with Evo Shifters

I seem to have a reoccurring issue where I can never get the motors to go in the right direction. Trying to run tank drive, 4 Falcons on Evo shifters. This is my current setup in begin and teleop and as is when I pull the controls backward the robot goes forwards. When I pull the controls forwards the robot goes backward. Any attempt to turn the motors are fighting each other. I do not know what I’m missing because I have one side of the motors inverted.

In that photo which direction is the front of the robot?
roboRIO = front
PDH = back?

6 and 4 are the front motors

I’d suggest putting the drive base on blocks and testing the direction of each motor one at a time.
i.e., pull the breakers on three of them and test each one at a time.
Fix the Inversion in Begin if necessary, then go on to test the next motor.

Do as @Mark_McLeod said, but also include turns in your test (easy if you’re using tank style joysticks, not so obvious if you’re driving arcade). It may be that you have one of the motors controlled as though it was on the left on the right, and vice versa.

:point_down: Yes, I’m pretty sure this is your problem - wiring. One of your “left” motors is on the right, and one of the “right” motors is on the left.

Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve now go the motors going in the right directions. However, when I push the left stick forward the left side goes forward as I want, but it also makes the right side go backward. And when I push the right stick forward the right side goes forward as I want, but it also makes the left side go backward. Now the problem comes because I cannot go forward and backward because the motors fight each other. It’s my understanding that the left stick is only supposed to control the left side and vice versa for the right stick. I have never had this issues before. Any Ideas what’s wrong that this problem would occur.

Screenshot 2022-01-24 174537
Here is my tank drive control in teleop, I’m unaware of what would make the joysticks do this.

Two of your motor CAN ID’s are swapped.
In the Begin code swap the IDs of the two motors that are moving when they should not be.
Use Phoenix Tuner to swap those ID’s so the painted numbers match their CAN IDs. (recommended)
It might help to pull the breakers of the two motors that are moving correctly before you use Phoenix Tuner. That way only the wrong CAN IDs will show up.
Of course, you can also avoid having duplicate CAN IDs at the same time by powering only one of the bad motors at a time while you use Phoenix Tuner.

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