Driving With Keyboard/ How to do key bindings?

Is it possible to drive with keyboard instead of joysticks? If so, how would you do this with LabView?

I don’t have LabVIEW handy at the moment, so forgive me for being vague. There is a VI that will tell you what keys are pressed on the keyboard. Use the control-space “find” command to search for the word “keyboard” in the function palette.

There was discussion of adding this to the DS, but other priorities prevailed. At this point, you will need to read the keys using the dashboard and set your own network variables or send your data via your own UDP connection. It is not impossible, but not trivial either.

Greg McKaskle

Do you mind if I ask do you want to fully drive a robot. If so what drive base do you have? Also if you don’t plan on complete control through keyboard you might have enough functions on something like a razer tartarus. Although I haven’t looked at how bad (or good) programming that would be.

We are using mecanum drive. we were planning on using an accelerometer and drive using a grid-based system with inch increments to allow us to line up with totes easier. yes, we want to fully drive using a keyboard. i’ve tried using the razer, but it doesn’t have enough keys