Drone racing on the front page

On the front page of today’s San Francisco Chronicle, about the emergence of drone racing leagues:

I’m glad to see that there is finally a “major” news source that is showing quad copters in a non negative way. It’s way to often you see the word drone replace quadcopter for the purpose of making them sound mean to the person’s who are not familiar with them even sometime going as far to hint that they should be heavily regulated or even banned.

Hasn’t drone racing been on ESPN for some time now?

I was more referring to articles online from places like the new York times and the guardian and also from local television news stations who only ever run the stories about drones that involve them being used in a negative manner. I have noticed espn displaying that, just never watched it, does make me happy that at least one main channel shows off the awesomeness that is quad copter racing.

In tangentially related news, it looks like a New Orleanian has built the fastest electrically powered bicycle; saw this in the local paper yesterday.