Dropping from second HAB level with mecanum wheels

Our team is designing a robot using 8" VEXPro Mecanum wheels. I’m concerned that since these wheels are made of plastic, they won’t be able to survive the impact of falling from the second HAB level to the first at the start of every match. Does anyone know if the VEXPro wheels are durable enough to survive an entire competition’s worth of falling, or should we look at options other than simply falling off the platform?

I don’t know about the current iteration but we used them in 2015 in competition, and they were decidedly not durable enough. The AM wheels are better for hard driving, though I’m still unwilling to put them through repeated drops.

I would agree with @mrnoble - I told my team point blank mecanum and lvl 2/3 don’t mix. It’s just not for the risk of breaking rollers.

Choice of drivetrain may not win you a competition, but it can easily lose you a competition. Don’t take chances when it comes to your drivetrain durability.

We had similar concerns about how a mecanum bot would take driving off a 6" step, so we did it many times with last year’s robot onto concrete. It has 6" Andymark mecanums; the older, lighter ones that were discontinued last year. We saw no ill effects from that abuse. The newest Andymark mecanums are built like a tank but also heavy.

During our test we also noticed that at any speed we would consider for autonomous modes it wasn’t the wheels that hit the floor first, it was the front bumper.

I can’t speak to the durability of the newest Vex mecanums but after our 2015 season with version 1 we would probably not consider them. Toward the end of the season that robot shed several rollers per day.

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