Dropping the balls

Based on the fact that the end of the hoops are around 14 and a half inches away from the end of the fender, it would be possible to make a system that drops balls in the bottom and middle hoops. Do people think that a system like this would be efficient/ actually possible?

Actually possible? Definitely. I have learned never to discredit an idea, as every idea my team throws out will be tried by another team!

Efficient? Personally I don’t think so. The whole “rolling” idea instantly scares me, as that implies a passive ball handling. If you have a ramp or chute let’s say that the ball rolls down, you lose active control over the ball. My idea of a better “dropping” method would have a roller push the balls out with very little speed, so you’d accomplish the same thing, but maintain positive control over the balls and have a much faster delivery system. Let us know how it turns out for you guys!

Don’t forget your bumpers when you’re doing your calculations.

This is something that we decided would play a major role in how we scored. The bumper adds 2 1/2" to the robot, and increase the distance from the baskets.

Consider whether there is anything preventing a defender from pushing your robot as that ball gently rolls off towards the hoop…

We’re looking into more of a slam-dunk idea, but still haven’t found the geometry to make it work.

Unless you made a gap in your robot, allowing yourself to “wedge” into the corner of the fender and be able to make it to the rim soundly. However, I’m guessing a Team Update will say you cannot touch the rim.

…and keep in mind that one-point scores might actually hurt you… If your opponent can consistently take and score a 2- or 3-point shot from a returned ball, you’d be better off holding onto the ball than scoring a one-point shot (except perhaps at the very end… but at that point you should be balancing!)

Don’t ignore the possibility of dumping into the middle goals…

there is the fact that the 2nd basket is 1 inch higher than you can make your robot extend to. just sayin

You can be 84 inches in the offensive side of the field.

Oh, I haven’t. I presume many teams that are not shooting will be doing exactly this – and getting pushed around a bit in the process!