Dropshots Fired!


254 should never be forgotten about.

Now do this in a match.

Now do it on the ramparts.

Oh wow… You don’t disappoint

What did I just watch…

Prepare for the 5 ball high goal from the 254 alliance.

This robot is so awesome! Despite not competing in the same division, I’m definitely going to come and check it out! :smiley: Good luck, 254!

You’re gonna need that in your division. That’s Epic.

A two ball auto that doesn’t drop their pre-load AND goes over the rock wall will carry you straight off Newton and onto Einstein.

One sec. Robots are srs bzns after all…

The 2nd ball wasn’t centered on the tape. And if it were, the intake appears to come down over the apex of the 2nd ball, meaning it broke the plane of the center tape. Am I seeing that right?

Thank the lord we aren’t in Newton.

Hey I did not verbally agree with them. My gun is still loaded and ready to fire. Now how long until 1678 and 971 show theirs? :wink:

So I’m guessing a 3 ball auto is coming.

I guess that’s OK…but can it make an omelette?

Seriously, that’s incredibly impressive, guys. Amazing job, as always!

Newton gonna be silly.

I spy a climber.:smiley:

If I were going up against them, I would just setup my robot behind them and steal the ball off the midline.

We do not cross the center tape.


I think champs will need light beams to prove if or if-not a robot broke the center plane.

Also, I’ll expect a second position from 1986. Probably rough terrain too.

I’m done.

get ready for the wildlyfe

Once again, showing why 254 is the best in the world.

Thanks for the inspiration, hope to see you on the other side of the glass Saturday afternoon :wink: