Drum Roll Please...

Posted by Joe Johnson at 2/16/2001 8:35 PM EST

Engineer on team #47, Chief Delphi, from Pontiac Central High School and Delphi Automotive Systems.

Hi all,

At long last, I have been able to catch my breath
enough to snap a picture or two of the robot that has
more or less taken over my life.

The link below has more pictures if you are interested.

By the way, you can upload your own photos of your
robot to our gallery if you want. It is easy and you
don’t need to have your own web site or even any
special software to do the deed.

Now to the details. You’ve got questions, I have some

Does it go over the ramp?
In theory, yes, but we have not actually TRIED it yet.
Soon we will know. Of course, we have every
expectation of theory being proven out in practice, but
I have been playing this FIRST game long enough to be

Does it go over the bar?
No, unless you mean reach over the bar, then yes.

Does it go under the bar?
Yes in theory, see A1

Does it pick up big balls?

Does it pick up little balls?

How many goals can it pull?
In theory, 2. See A1

Can it balance 2 goals on the bridge with itself in the
We are certainly hoping so! See A1

Can it back a cherry pie?
Yes, a very little one on top of the beacon bulb :wink:

Does it Swerve?
What do you expect us to say?

Here’s to high scores all the way around.

Joe J.

P.S. Contrary to folks who put out the idea that I’ve
been sandbagging you all, CD 6 has not been done for
ages. We have failed to follow our own advice to
rookies and finish early to give our drives tons of
time behind the wheel. Ah well. We hope that it comes
out okay in the end. Stay tuned…

Posted by Eric Tarnowski at 2/17/2001 9:37 AM EST

Student on team #535, G-Force, from Huntington North High School and United Technologies Electronic Controls.

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Posted by Joe Johnson on 2/16/2001 8:35 PM EST:

Wow! Your robot looks great! I hope everything works out for you in testing. I know we had a few things we had to perfect, but things are looking good. Looking forward to competing with you.

Eric Tarnowski

Posted by Mark Pierce at 03/09/2001 9:12 PM EST

Other on team #288, RoboDAWGS, from Grandville High School and X-Rite, Delphi, and others.

I spent all of yesterday and part of today inspecting robots as part of the “Pit Tech Crew”. Here are some common observations and recommendations for teams to get through the inspection process. I want to thank all the teams for their help and willingness to fix discrepencies.

How to avoid common violations:
Insulate battery terminals or other connections.

Electrically isolate the light from the robot.

Avoid tape as a fastener. It’s OK for electrical insulation but looks tacky for holding things together. Use wire ties or other means to keep wires neat and orderly.

Use the right size fuses and wires.

Have a copy of your list of Small Parts Inc. items and cost. Although you may have submitted it electronically, you may have added things, or it may have gotten lost in the FIRST system. It helps to know what items are kit pieces and additional hardware as well.

Students should know the electrical systems, pnuematics, and the parts usage of the system. Inspectors will ask them to explain these items. A wiring diagram or list showing fuse and wire sizes speeds things immensely, as would a piping diagram.

Smooth out sharp edges. You don’t want to break balls in competition and get penalized. Break one, no big deal, break two, there’ll likely be some penalty.

These are things we found repeatedly. I also recommend weigh in and inspecting sooner rather than later. Once you’re assembled, checking size and weight early is better than waiting until after dinner. Even if you have to be re-inspected or re- weighed due to changes, you’ll avoid finding yourselves 6 pounds overweight 15 minutes before the pits close. (Yes, that happened)

I wish you the best of luck, wherever you next compete!

Posted by Shawn McMahon at 2/18/2001 1:58 PM EST

Student on team #263, Aftershock, from Sachem H.S. and Symbol, Citycorp., Apoge, CA …

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Posted by Joe Johnson on 2/16/2001 8:35 PM EST:

Very nice. Where did you place all of your electronics? From the picture it looks like it was a tight fit. How heavy did it turn out? What type of wheels do you have? Tank drive? I can’t quite tell from the picture. If its tank drive you should have no problem with A1, from a traction point of view. Looks like a versatile robot. Good luck with the testing phase.

Posted by Charlie at 2/19/2001 12:38 PM EST

Student on team #222, Tigertrons, from Tunkhannock Area High School and Ronco Machine - NEPATPC.

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Posted by Joe Johnson on 2/16/2001 8:35 PM EST:

Nice Bot!! Can’t wait to see it in action!! =)