DS death

I have a problam with my DS- it’s dead.
After trying to oporate it on the first time, the DS died and now every time I power it on it’s just showing the Kwikbyte Logo .
I know some other teams had this problem and if anyone can tell me if he got it fixed and how it’ll be great.

You may just have to wait for it, the DS this year boots up rather slowly. There’s like a certain time added to the boot up time for every USB device added, I think it was like 10 seconds or something.

Could you give us a little bit more information, please?

What do you mean by dying? Is there anything on the screen flashing (i.e. cursor)? Is it a blank screen?
How long is the Kwikbyte Logo displayed?
Do you have any usb’s plugged into the DS?
Have you updated it yet, or are you still trying to do the benchtop test?

Hope I can help,

Jason Law

Was your DS interrupted during a firmware update, by any chance? If so, you will most likely have to send it in to Kwikbyte.