DS error: 1055 Object Ref. Invalid in Main.vi

We are having some weird errors show up on the DS in the Diagnostics tab display window. They do not appear to be preventing us from playing unless we allow them to build up over several matches.
Please forgive the incompleteness of the error description. I tried to jot it down, but was pressed for time and now they have been cleared from the DS.

The basic message is:
error -1055 Vision processing Object Reference Invalid in Main.vi.

Searching on CD has not revealed anything that applies. So, any clues?

BTW, we are using LabView.

It sounds like something got modified in robot main. Can you post your whole project?

What?? Let the magic out of the bag?? We won the Control Inspiration Award in Sacramento for this stuff. It’s really precious to us.:wink:

The project is on a laptop at the school. I will not see it until next Wednesday. I might get access to it earlier, but no promises.

I looked through Main.vi, but I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but that might just be because I am too familiar to the code and am overlooking the obvious.
I’ll see if I can get one of the students to zip the project and e-mail it to me.

It can be as simple as a missing tunnel from Begin into the Main loop.
I’ve seen teams delete that, because “it doesn’t do anything” :rolleyes:

The whole project will tell the tale.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found a few occasions when the location of the reported error is incorrect. I’ve seen it report that something happened in Robot Main when it was actually lower in the call chain, so keep an open mind when interpreting the error message.

The only object reference in the framework is the autonomous VI, so I’m not able to read the tea leaves. Need project.

Greg McKaskle

I’m working on getting a copy. It might be quick, it might be next week.

OK, finally got it. We are sitting in our hotel rooms in San Jose waiting to compete at SVR tomorrow. Hopefully we can find an answer before Friday. Attached is our full project.

Thanks in advance for looking through it.

2012 Robot Project.zip (4.63 MB)

2012 Robot Project.zip (4.63 MB)

I’m kinda guessing on this one based on some google searches, but I’d recommend turning off the View buttons on the Vision panel and making that the default. I suspect that something is happening so that the image display isn’t in memory, or the operation we are performing on it isn’t possible on RT, or the refnum has otherwise gone bad. In otherwords, it sounds like you are somehow provoking a bug involving IMAQ and RT. I don’t have a camera to reproduce it at the moment. If you get a better idea of how to reproduce it, please let me know. I’ll try a bit more when I have a camera.

The error seems to have disappeared now that we turned off the two view windows in the Rectangular processing!
Thanks Greg!