DS IP Address

We set the IP address of the DS network adapter to some IP that we think appropriate in Windows (10.xx.xx.5 for instance). When we run the DS software, it appears to change the IP address on the adapter to 10.xx.xx.9. Can someone confirm if this is the expected behavior and if it is, why?

I’d swear this was not happening with the 2012 spec DS software but I can’t be 100% sure…

When the Driver Station is started there are options to set the network adaptors automatically.
The automatic settings are:

  • 10.xx.yy.5 Local Area Connection
  • 10.xx.yy.9 Wireless Connection
    You can change this behavior on the Setup tab -> Choose NIC…

You might have had your 2012 DS set to manual.

Are we able to use any ip address that conforms to 10.te.am.* standard?

The Driver Station will be 10.te.am.5 on the competition field, and it’s easiest to stick with the FRC IP conventions. Using conventions make it easier on all of us. On the field other IPs may be blocked.

  • 10.te.am.1 = Robot DLink
  • 10.te.am.2 = cRIO
  • 10.te.am.4 = extra team router (optional)
  • 10.te.am.5 = Driver Station/programming laptop (Ethernet)
  • 10.te.am.6 = Programming laptop
  • 10.te.am.9 = Driver Station/programming laptop (wireless)
  • 10.te.am.11 = Camera
    Technically, off the field and out of the competition pits only the cRIO IP is fixed and unchangable (or at least is very hard to change).
    Everything else is negotiable and your programming and other laptop(s) can be any 10.te.am.xx as long as it doesn’t conflict with any of the pre-assigned IPs. The only hard and fast IP is the one assigned to the cRIO.

The most common additions are the use of DHCP at home for dynamically assigning addresses above 10.te.am.20 or so.
The use of additional cameras at 10.te.am.12+
The use of additional programming laptops at 10.te.am.xx