Our Driver Station log contain some garbled, it look like encoding error.
How can I fixed it?

Are you trying to read it with a text editor? The only way to read them is using the Driver Station’s log viewer. Click on the gear icon and then “View Log File”.

I using Log File Viewer, but still contain some garbled.

If you copy and paste the text into notepad, does it appear as english?

This might be caused by your system font, though I am not sure as I have never seen this before.
I made an alternative dslog reader you can try here. Try it and see if it fixes the issue. If it does not fix it then you can send me your logs files so I can make my dslog reader work with them.


Cool, it appear as English.

It’s really powerful, thanks.
It fixed anything.

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Just FYI, I wrote a Python script to pull out the “numeric” data. Makes it a lot easier to analyse with any tool.


Seems like you’ve managed to encounter the same bug that a number of other teams also hit (including my own team) earlier this year.

Could you please upload an example log file where this occurs?