DS Scouting System

My team is considering using our Nintendo DSes in order to scout this year. We’re thinking of just using the Opera browser cartridge that’s availabe and log on to a web server and do it through that, but we’re open to ideas.

Basically, looking for other teams that have used their DSs in the past for scouting and how it worked, was it successful, etc. All opinions and help would be appreciated.


A quick search for “DS scouting” turned up the following list: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/search.php?searchid=1974860

You should be able to find something there…

Hmm…list’s broken…

This seems like a neat idea-does anyone know what the web browser in DSOrganize can and can’t do? Like, if it can do various forms and such?

I don’t have the Opera browser, but I use an R4 and DSOrganize…I’d test out now, but I don’t actually have a wireless access point I can use…at the moment.

I think this could be a useful idea-good thought!

After a little while, the search lists go offline. So, a partial list of the threads…

You could also do the same search yourself–the search button is in the orange bar at the top of every page.

Though I appreciate the links and the information in them, they don’t offer many (or any?) experiences teams have had actually USING the scouting system. It only talks about the actual how-to. What I’m REALLY looking for is if it was effective or not, was it better than pen and pencil?

We used the DS scouting system at two regionals last year, and at both of them we were a “picked” team, we did not get to use our data to actually choose alliance partners.

But we did get useable data, and it was a lot quicker to compile than using pencil/paper methods.

Do the search I did. There are more threads in there. Some of them do discuss what you want to know about.

I don’t know if the internet is reliable enough for this application… but then again, it certainly would be easier! The system we made was just coded in PAlib and didn’t have any neat features, so actually getting the data off of the cards and sorting it took a little longer to make and implement than I wanted it to. However, the scouting did provide a very accurate representation of which robots were doing the best and which weren’t. We made it save the data to .txt files on the SD cards and then stuck them all in a giant Excel macro for sorting, which made looking up data a snap.

But I’d imagine that if internet isn’t a problem with the new system (I’m not up to date on the status of wifi hotspots are regionals this year) we could probably get DSorganize working with a sorting website and wala! :cool:

I’m curious to know if any other teams tried DS scouting? One hour in a hotel room sorting data and picking teams is a lot better than 6 hours :eek:

PAlib is amazing, I’m hoping to use it with FIRST some time…

So, is there any news about whether we can use wifi hotspots this year? and what kinds of encryption is needed? The DS can’t use WPA, just WEP.
OtherGuy: You could have set up a form and used dso to send data through the form.