DS_SOCKET from ./gradlew?

Hey everyone,

Long story short, I’d like to run simulateJava and enable the socket. In VSCode, you’re given an option to do so when you press the “Simulate code” button. However, when listing ./gradlew tasks, I can only find simulateJava, no simulateJavaSocket. Is there a ./gradlew simulateJava --enable-socket that I don’t know about?

Thank you!

The sim plugins (as well as configs like Romi IP etc) are defined in the build.gradle. In VS Code you have checkboxes to select which plugins of the ones configured by Gradle you want to use. If you use ./gradlew simulateJava then all configured plugins are used.

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Sorry, I’m not used to the Gradle build tool :). Does this mean that ./gradlew simulateJava will run the socket as well?

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If the following line (or similar) is in build.gradle, yes, it should.

simulation wpi.deps.sim.driverstation(wpi.platforms.desktop, false)

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It works, thank you you two!

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