DS tty serial and crio run speed

Is there a tty or serial library to use the DS pins as a serail output yet?
If not i wish to make one, can we use interrupts and the timers on the processor in lab view?

I have a serial interfaced lcd screen i would like to use…

also, not related but, the lab view code runs extremely slow when being run from the laptop and using the front panels to monitor the robot, does it run faster when there is no monitoring? Because .3 seconds an iteration is disappointing.

The front panels and probes definitely slow down execution, the amount of slowdown depends on the amount of data and the rate of data change.

As for the serial port, look in the documentation. I’m pretty sure that the standard serial VIs will work.

Greg McKaskle

Just to make sure I understand what you want, are you trying to connect something to the Driver Station’s competition connector? I don’t think you will have any control over the programming that affects the serial in and out pins on the Driver Station.

Unfortunately, <R66> and <R67> (as amended in Team Update #4) do not permit anything to be connected to the cRIO’s serial port.

No, i wish to drive the digital out pins on the DS.
5 volt is cmos level, which is fine for what i am talking to.
question is can i use interrupts to control the pins for the right baud rate

You won’t be able to bit-bang serial out through the DS outputs. The DS outputs are updated by packets sent from the crio at ~50Hz, so that’s the fastest you can change them and read them. Since the only code you can write runs on the crio and not the DS, there are no interrupts for input pins on the DS that you can take advantage of.

The only way I can think of that you could interface a serial LCD to the DS would be to build a custom board that would receive signals from the DS outputs and translate that to serial, or use another board that could use Ethernet and receive the dashboard packets, parse them, and then connect to the LCD for display.

the last idea is expensive, it be easier to use one pin as a clock and another as an serial output and translate it yea… tough it be nice to use the Ethernet, but it is a pain in the but to deal with tcp/ip and stuff.

I wish they let us control the lcd screen on the ds :< Thats what i thought it was there for…