DS / WindRiver problem

Hey everybody,

I was successful in linking the cRIO and driver station and it says that i have comms and have robot code. I had downloaded the default code to the robot but I am unable to get the jaguars to react to the joysticks. is there anything i need to set up on the driver station (settings or changes) that will make the code work? last year i didn’t have this problem but now i cant make the code do anything. Thanks for the help.

You need to click the ENABLE button on the Driver Station.

ya i know that…it was enabled

anyone know of any reasons why the code doesn’t seem to work?

Have you entered in your team number? That assigns the classmate a static IP that will work with the robot.

If I had this problem on our robot the first things that would come to mind would be to:

Make sure the watchdog is fed. There’s an indicator on the bottom left that will tell you if the watchdog has died.

Make sure the jaguars are plugged into the correct ports for the simple robot demo and that your joysticks work (I would write a simple autonomous that simply drives forwards to see if that works to make sure the jaguars are functioning)

If your problem is still there after that then keep us updated!

edit: To answer your original question about if you need to change any settings on the driver station, are you using the classmate driver’s station? If so, as long as you have a green light next to robot communication and one next to robot code then you should have a connection. Also make sure you have updated it!

Please give more detail. What are you expecting to happen? What happens instead? Is the Dashboard display showing you anything on the PWM channels you expect to be controlling? Describe what the green Robot Status Light on the Digital Sidecar is doing. Tell us about the LEDs on the Jaguars.

What connections are there to the Jaguars, and where does the other end of those connections go?

As I recall there is a display in the lower right corner of one of the tabs which shows the joysticks you have attached to your driver station. (Sorry not in front of the DS right now so I can’t tell you which screen exactly). If you do not see them listed there, then it is possible that your USB hub has an issue. I know that they are new in this year’s KOP but ours has died already. :confused: We swapped it out for one that I had and it works fine.

Also, goodsky mentions coding up a quick autonomous mode… I believe the default code includes an autonomous function which just drives forward, at least the C++ version does. Are you using LabView, C++, or Java?

Okay thanks everyone…I am using C++ so the default code has the autonomous program already coded…the joysticks are definitely working with the Classmate since the asterisks appear next to each joystick on the driver station when you push the buttons on it…there doesn’t appear to be any errors with communications…I did all of the necessary updates for the DS…I will try your suggestions and respond soon…thanks guys

ok i fixed the problem…it was on autonomous mode not telo. (my error)…thanks everyone