DSATK New Song Leak?

Hey guys,

I don’t post much, but I was speaking to a friend of mine vacationing in Lincoln, Nebraska this past weekend. She told me about her family going for ice cream at a local soda shop and seeing a local band perform while they were there, who after further questioning turned out to be five guys (one with really big hair, one with a cape, and one with a mullet) in a band playing some rocking tunes. She said the nerdy guy couldn’t see through his coke-bottle glasses and the tall guy couldn’t see through his hair, so both kept bowling on other people’s lanes. Turns out to be Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers - go figure!

They said they had just recently been allowed back in the state of Indiana after a period of good behavior, and would be playing at a Robotics Invitational there. She said they played a ten-song set list in Lincoln that she said wasn’t half bad! Well, I figured I’d take a look-see and I managed to find a new song or two on their website:



Instant classics

Greatest songs ever. I so wish I could see this live. :smiley:

I see Grammies in their future.

I can’t wait to see the performance of Pick List, I bet they hired a big time choreographer.

I’ve never heard these guys perform. If we all learn the words, do we get to sing along?

Great job guys, I’m loving the new stuff :slight_smile:

Here’s a video of ‘Feel Like Writin Code’ from the 2007 IRI show.


found my new favort band

heck ya

you should do umm
a rap song haha that would be alsome