DSK "Let the Robots Hit the Floor" video

I hear that the Dean Simmons and the Kamens guys are making their way to Indy for IRI. They made a video for their new song…

Let the Robots Hit the Floor

Maybe they will perform this Friday night!

See ya soon,
Andy B.

Nice video guys, wish I could see it live.

That fall by 75 was truly epic: They turned completely upside down and planted it on the carpet. Took a 5/8" tool steel shaft and bent it like a pretzel. And then some…

The best part: EVERY team there came and offered to help in the repairs. They make their next match, 100% functional, with time to spare. Best thing I ever saw, anywhere.

The original was one of my theme songs this build season.

Humanity has officially reached the pinnacle of its achievements. Show’s over, go home.

Good to add another video into the “STEM-related Drowning Pool parody” section of Youtube - along with this one: “Numbers (I can only count to four)”](http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpA6TCWApfk)

Like this version better than the actual song!

Great job, guys!