DSLOG Reader 2.2 - Driver Station Log Viewer With More Features

Got around to update DSLOG Reader for the 2022 season. It supports both the CTRE PDP and the new REV PDH. It is essentially the official driver station log viewer but with extra features like log event search, PDP labels/groups, data probing, and more!

You can download the latest version here along with the source code. (Only for Windows)

Features (click to see)

Custom PDP Name Profiles (Names and Groups)

Also includes group total and delta

Filter Logs By Event


Log Streaming


Competition View

Compare values across matches

Use Match Time

Auto detects the start of the match so you can use the match time as reference

Data Probing

Log Event Filters

Joystick filter disabled

joystick filter enabled

Important filter

Log Event Search

Easy Export To PNG and CSV

Bulk Export


Random Images

More Random Images

The help document can be found here

I only had a few logs develop this for 2022, so it may not work for your logs. If you have any questions or issues feel free to DM me or open an issue on github.

Big thanks to @AllenGregoryIV and @jnicho15 for the logs to help with development.


Is there a way to zoom in vertically for the scale, e.g. current?

Sure, you can get version v2.2.2 here. To zoom in the Y&X axes just hold shift then drag on the chart. This will only zoom the Y axis on the right (current, latency, CAN %, etc…) not the voltage axis.

It’s a bit janky but it’s good enough. I am looking into using ImPlot to improve performance and allow Linux/Mac support. It would require a complete rewrite but I am working full time now so that may never happen.


I released version 2.2.3 which fixes an issue with reading some logs. The issue would either cause the program to fail to read the log or do something like this :sweat_smile: :

Thanks to @otherguy for the reporting the issue.


Thanks for the quick resolution!

@orangelight I’m loving DSLOG Reader 2.2! A couple of questions, or feature requests:

How does one translate ‘DS Time’ on the Events tab to ‘Match Time’ on the Graph tab? Can you add a button to link the times (like ‘use match time’ instead of clock time)?

Is there a way to rescale the vertical axis when only one plot is shown?

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I am glad you are finding my tool useful!

Not sure what you mean by link the times but to figure out where a message on the graph from the Event tab you can double click the event entry then it will switch over to the graph view and put the cursor over where the event is on the graph. In the graph view you can also hover over the gray/yellow/red dots near the 15V line to see what event messages are there, the text will show up in the bottom left box.

If you mean how to show the actual match time (from auto start) you can click the clock on the top right when it is red or green. To use this feature the log must be associated with a FMS match and show auto. When enabled, the match time should show in the time axis like the image below, it should also show in the Events tab.

If you are using the version after 2.2.1 you should be able to zoom both axes by holding shift then drag (this will only zoom the Y axis on the right).

Double-click is the trick to link the timing. Thanks!

I don’t mentor any teams so I have no idea if DSLOG Reader still works this season. No one has complained yet, so I assume it still works :slight_smile:

Also if you want to view the driver station logs with other logs you can use AdvantageScope which has similar code to read the driver station logs.

I used it a couple days ago, seemed fine. We just started using AdvantageScope with wpilog files, but haven’t tried with dslog yet.

I thought we’d see this in the driver station for 2023 so I was surprised to see the old code. Are there any plans to integrate this version into the standard release? I give it a thumbs up!

This is an independently developed unofficial tool. The official tool is maintained/distributed by NI.

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Sadly there is currently no path for contributing code to the official driver station.

Thanks for the info. I’m expecting DS log viewer improvements aren’t high priority.

Only NI seems to know what their priorities are. You can try going through their official forum here. You might have better luck than I did: Feedback for Driver Station - NI Community

I really would love a way to give them feedback and ensure it is heard outside of the little bits we can push through with the beta… lots of teams struggle and would like to see improvements and there are a lot of folks who would love to contribute.

One data point: I used it at one of my events this year so far without issues (other than having to figure out the UI on the fly). Really appreciated the search functionality in the message list, and the ability to run it off a flash drive.

If you ever need any current log files, I’d be happy to send some over.


@orangelight you did get a mention in the official documentation!


I saw! Thanks to @jonahb55 for adding.

Have you tried looking here? \s

Don’t want to derail the topic, but it’s a shame that teams have had to deal with the same driver station software for +11 years without much improvement, especially compared to the progress WPILib has made in the same time period.

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Looks like this DSLOG Reader still works this year, but the path where logs are stored was updated in the driver station for 2024. v2.3.0 has the correct path by default.

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