DSLOG Reader 2 - Alternate Driver Station Log Viewer/Exporter

DSLOG Reader 2 is an alternate FRC driver station log viewer with extra functionality such as custom PDP labels and more!

You can download the latest version here along with the source code. (Only for Windows)


Custom PDP Name Profiles (Names and Groups)

Also includes group total and delta

Filter Logs By Event

Log Streaming


Competition View

Compare values across matches

Use Match Time


Event Filters

Before joystick filter

After joystick filter

Important filter

Event Search

Easy Export To PNG and CSV

Bulk Export


Match Collector

A separate program that allows you to collect all the logs belonging to FMS matches

20% Faster at Loading Logs Than Version 0.9

Yay parallelism.

More Random Images

^Don’t open your logs in a text editor

Development is not quite done, so features that may be added later include: automated diagnosis, extra event filters, competition view additions, and more…

The help document can be found here
If you have any questions or feedback feel free to DM me or open an issue on github.

Special thanks to: Team 548, @jnicho15, @Will_Toth, @marshall, and @Billfred!


This is genuinely the coolest project out there for the DS logs. Thanks for making this.


Oh, convenient. Was just looking for alternate viewers. Got a chance to mess with this some this morning, and it’s fantastic!

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This looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it out.

Question - with regards to PDP custom names and groups, is it possible to get the delta of two groups? The specific use case here would be measuring the different in current draw between the left and right sides of the drivetrain in case the robot’s told to drive straight, but isn’t.

Unfortunately no, though that is a good idea so I’ll look into implementing it (probably have groups of groups).
In the meantime you can graph the total of each group and compare them that way.


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