DSLOG Reader - View/Export Driver Station Logs

DSLOG Reader is an open source driver station log viewer/exporter. The current export methods include CSV, Clipboard, and PNG image. It also includes an improved file list and an ability to probe the graph for information.

Feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Cool! I’ve found the default log reader to be somewhat annoying sometimes. Good job on this!

This should still work with the 2017 dslogs

This is awesome. Good work!

New version is here

You can now search events and view driver station logs in real time.

I have a dslog and dsevents reader that reads the logs directly into excel. It also does some preprocessing of the data to make it easier to find ‘exceptional events’. And since all the data is present in the worksheet, you can do correlation between logged events and data events.

If someone is interested, just let me know.