Several of the Texas area schools and others, I’m sure, also compete in the Fall as part of BEST robotics. It is not the same class of robot as FIRST, dare I say FIRST class robot:), but it is a useful competition and is a good fit for the off season being early in the school year.

Now why am I posting in the controls thread for FIRST. BEST is looking to add automation and sense to their decade old R/C system.
How many of you BEST/FIRST teams last season got the flyer and ordered/recieved via a grant or otherwise a DSP kit and BEST robotics daughter board? If so, did you get both the Digital Signal Processor and a robotic daughter board?

My campus recieved 2 DSP boards minus the robotics daughter board. I just attended a week’s worth of training on the board and accompanying curriculum at SMU in Dallas. I have looked at some of the preliminary control system program files. What is available from the Infinity Project folks at this point is proof of concept type stuff. I.e. Can their system control the motors via some pre-programmed algorithems. A sine generated motor speed control, robot control via audio tone broadcast via the air… I asked how additional input could be used and one is able to solder sensors circuits onto a set of four pins on the daughter board.

Question two is, does anybody else have any more experience or knowledge to share in regards to this control system?