Dual CIM Dewalt???

I thought I remembered a team that used to CIM motors input into one Dewalt Transimission last year.

I did my best to see if I could find any posts on it, but no joy.

Anybody remember this beast? Any help would be appreciated.

Joe J.

Dr. Joe, I remember team 716 did a prototype for a 2 drill dewalt in 2005. I’m sure you could modify it to accept Chips. PM Andy Brockway, I believe he was the creator.

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95 used two Fisher Price motors (the old 6 volt models) into one Dewalt.

Ran 'em at 12 volts to boot.

Could that be what you where thinking of?

-Andy A.

And, by mis-setting the clutch on the dewalt, sheared the shaft right off this fall… Considering that the “tetra-lifting” arm could easily lift 150 lbs, I think that one was a little over-designed.

Or was the shaft under-designed?

Found a picture Here .

-Andy A.