Dual extrusion 3d printer recommendations

our team is looking for a Dual extrusion 3d printer and would like some recommendations to help with our search thanks.

Why dual extrusion? For robot parts, I’ve never found dual extrusion to be necessary, although you can make some cool looking stuff with multiple colors!


we want to do dissolve-able supports mostly for convenience

I would seriously re-think this if what you say is accurate about it being a “convenience” issue. First, soluble material is an added cost, and last I looked not a trivial one. Then the printer will be more expensive as well. The MMU upgrade for the Prusa is several hundred dollars.

If you are making a significant number of intricate parts that using regular support material (PLA/PETG/etc) can cause damage when removing then maybe. At the same time, parts like that on a robot I would think would be more likely to break in general.

Don’t we all.

I’ve not found anything personally that is affordable and easy. The Prusa I3 MMU is pretty cool, but it’s hardly reliable when it comes dual extrusions…and I wouldn’t buy it for only dissolvable supports.

If your budget is a little bigger, I’d probably tell you to consider some of the higher end Ultimakers

its not only for soluble filaments but thats the main selling point we might also look into to doing stronger materials on high stress points and things like that.

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What’s your budget, if you don’t mind me asking?

Be careful mixing materials, some materials might not bond with materials on lower layers. (Admittedly, a [Citation Needed] here but mixing PLA and PETG on a test a student did awhile back did, uh, not go well.)

we’ll definitely do research on that but its an additional possibility that comes with dual extrusion.

its around 2,000 from a grant

A cheaper solution than soluble supports when they go to the bed. If they don’t chemically bond, then you can print with no extra gap to have full support for your geometry

that makes sense so do like PETG supports on a PLA part or vice versa

great idea, i think if your team has a grant that’s a solid investment

I look forward to seeing what others say, but I don’t know of any good solutions at that price point.

If you can stretch it to $2500, you may consider the new Prusa XL: Original Prusa XL | Original Prusa 3D printers directly from Josef Prusa

It’s new, so there are probably some hiccups you will encounter, but given the reputation of Prusa, I’d imagine it will work well.

While I definitely don’t disagree with you that in and around this budget the, Prusa XL may very well be a good fit for OP here. Just a reminder to them that by the time they pay for duties and shipping, it will be a good bit more than $2500 USD for the printer.

(I’ll throw out there that I am extremely excited to get my hands on my pre-order when they start shipping later this year :grin: :grin:)

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It’s also worth considering the fact that preorders placed now won’t ship until 2023. I’m praying I got a decent place in the queue.

Is this dual extrusion or does it switch which extrude head it uses with a tool changer? I don’t know if it matters functionally but it would be nice to know how it works.

The Prusa XL uses a tool head changing system. You can purchase the unit with anywhere from 1-5 tool heads. Prusa has also said if you buy lets say a 1 or 2 tool head unit initially, you can buy upgrade kits down the road to increase the tool heads up to the maximum of 5.

Check out this clip from the announcement video showing the tool changer in action.

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Until I get my notice from Prusa about needing to pay for my printer (I pre-ordered day 1) it’s vaporware.
I love Prusa but they are notorious about not meeting their schedule. I waited so long for my Mini that I ordered a second MK3 to tide me over.
With supply and extruder issues their shipping schedule is sliding.


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