Dual Input Gearbox with Talon SRX Question

Hi, my team is building a flywheel that is run by a dual input VP gearbox with two 775s. We are using the VP integrated encoder, so we know we need to use at least one Talon SRX motor controller (for the data cable), but I was wondering, does the second motor in that system also need to use an SRX since it uses CAN vs PWM, or can I control one motor with an SRX via CAN and the other one with PWM with the regular SP?


While this would probably be technically possible for basic voltage control, I think you’ll be better off using Talon SRXs for both motors, especially for PID mode. The Talon SRX API and firmware has the ability to set a talon to follower mode and perfectly mirror the other motor, which makes it trivial to use two motors for one gearbox even with the built in PID mode. Otherwise, keeping the two motor controllers in sync would have to rely on software on the roboRio, which would remove the high refresh rate advantage of the onboard PID of the Talon SRX.

+1. That’s what we did this year, and why.