Dual Monitor

hey, we were wondering if we use a dual monitor card what would work best for inventor 10?

Anything over $100 will do just fine.

This one is fantastic for its price

I think this one would do the job just fine as well.

Just make sure they work with your motherboard

I would suggest a workstation video card if you’re going to be using 3-d drafting programs

The Geforce line is definitely a good line of cards. Is your motherboard PCIe or AGP? The ones listed I’m sure would do quite well.

I lasted about 6 years on a Geforce FX 5200 AGP8X card before I went to dual monitors and Windows 7, and it wasn’t up for the task. I’m now on a Geforce 6200 AGP 8X that cost me about $45. It is not superb, but it is decent enough. Inventor 10 runs fine on most machines. I’m finding that the newest versions of Inventor and especially Solidworks are absolutely terrible on anything but the latest, best, and most expensive hardware.

Those are desktop video cards…

Not everyone has a bunch of money to drop on a Quadro. Nor are FRC models complicated enough to warrant one in many situations.

You won’t need a Quadro FX if you are just using it for FRC. Unless you are building an organic robot using Mudbox or Zbrush.

Anything like a GTX280 will be more than enough.

I discourage ATI cards for Inventor because I’ve ran into alot of problems using my ATI system

A GTX280 is way overkill for much of the stuff you’d do for FRC. My laptop runs a GTX260M (which is maybe, best case, 1/2 of the desktop 280), and it cuts through the models (in SW) like a hot knife through butter.

Well we have a intel pentium 4 (old) with an AGP.Need VGA monitor ports. If that helps any.

Pretty much anything that can handle DX9 can run inventor no problem. I have it running perfectly fine on a 4-year-old Radeon X1950XT with 256MB. I’m absolutely certain it would run on an ancient ATI Radeon 9600 or anything else that supports DX9 like an Nvidia 5000 series or above, as well.

For useful speeds, i’d start with a radeon 9800 and go up from there, or an nvidia 6800.

well… pretty much any mid-range graphics card’ll work, just keep in mind that most new ones have 2 DVI, and no VGA, but slightly older ones (3-4yrs) have a single vga and a DVI. the cheapest way to solve that problem is simply to get an adaptor, they’re availible at besy buy for like 5 or 10 bucks. i personally just use 1 monitor, and do just fine, although sometimes i wish i had 2 ( school computers, with the despised Deep Freeze)

Make certain you keep your graphics drivers updated when you install new versions of any CAD software. Marie


Not sure if they sell AGP cards anymore. Try ebay.

I still run a Pentium 4 2.4GHz with AGP. Fry’s still sells a few AGP cards. As does Mwave, and Newegg. The Geforce 6200 was about the best I could get for the price I wanted to pay. I’d imagine it would be just fine for Inventor 10. Check the list of approved cards though. It’s somewhere on the Autodesk site.

Well see i have tryed looking, but i could not find anything.

Heres a decent AGP card that does not require additional power from the power supply