Dual Sided Timing Belts


Does ANYONE know a supplier that carries Dual Sided Timing Belts in widths greater than 1" and with a 1/4" pitch? We also need the same supplier to provide matching pulleys for them? We need them some of them to be 1" at least in diameter and up to at least 3" diameter as well.

HELP!!! We are having the HARDEST time finding this! Please respond ASAP!


I THINK Brecoflex has them. I don’t have their catalog right at my house (it’s at school) and the person on my team in charge of belts is not easily accessable right now.

But I’m pretty sure they have the belt you need. Send them an email because they are usually very responsive. However, beware about some belt backings may take up to 5 weeks to deliver. However, most belts take two weeks.

If you want more detailed information, email me and I’ll try to scan some pages of the catalog for you on Monday.



Thanks for the response, but they are too small for our uses. Can anyone else think of companys that sell the belts? They need to be heavy duty belts.


Try Mectrol ( http://www.mectrol.com/ ). They make standard belts up to 18 inches wide, with all sorts of wonderful surface treatments for your spec’d CoF.

We have used their stuff both times we built tread drive systems, and never had a problem with the belts (now the rest of the robot, that is another story…). These are industrial-quality mechanism drive belts, and not automotive timing belts. When they say they are “heavy duty” they mean it - we have abused them a lot, and the belts show almost no sign of wear. They are pricey, and don’t understand “I absolutely, positively need it tomorrow morning”, so you have to give them a few days to fill your order. But if you can handle the price and the lead time they are a good source.


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Thanks for the help on all this! Hope to see some of you at the LI Regional!

Are you sure BrecoFlex isn’t big enough?

I am looking at the catalogue right now, and the ArcPower series has belts 100 mm wide.
Pitch is 10 mm, but they have matching pulleys.


Paul…what is the priceing on that company? It isn’t up on the web…find that dumb… anyhow…I’ll bring this point up to my advisor and see what he says. Oh, and the pulleys…are what size rod are they mounted on?

Anyone know where you can buy extruded aluminum that is in the 1/4" pitch pulley dimension. If you can get it extruded in the pulley pattern it saves a lot of time on the mill and weight compared to the cast iron pulleys.

I discussed it with one of the teams at the Great Lakes Regional last year but have misplaced the contact information. Any information would help.

Not sure on the cost.

Web site is www.brecoflex.com

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 829
222 Industrial Way West
Eatontown, NJ 07724

Phone: 732-460-9500

Customer Service Rep: Colleen March at extension 203

The belts I am refering to are in catalog B206


Be aware that Brecoflex is very expensive, but very high quality.

We spec’ed out a belt that was ~120" in length, 1" wide, with a super grip backing, and 1 belt came to over $100.