dualie vs. single omni wheels

It looks like this year will be our first using omni wheels.

Does anyone have experience with dualie vs. single omni wheels? Does one have an advantage over the other in terms of lateral motion?


-Mr. Van
Coach, Robodox

The only difference between dualie and single omni wheels is the smoothness in straight direction travel. The gap between the rollers on a single causes a “bumpy ride” The dualie smooths this. As for changes in the transverse motion there should not be a noticeable difference although you do have the chance that you will be in between rollers when turning causing edge wear on your rollers but does not effect performance. .

On an offseason practice bot we noticed when using single omnis that they caused some significant vibration. As we were wheeling it around the shop on the tile floor it was vibrating bolts loose that hadn’t yet been tightened down. If we end up using omnis on a competition bot I’m fairly certain we’ll go with the dualies just to reduce all that vibration induced stress on the bot.