Dubstep motor shears

Don’t you just love it when motors shear off mounts:yikes:

I was a bit concerned when I saw how close the PG188’s stall torque was to its output shaft shear failure torque about a year ago. However, this looks like some mounting bolts sheared; is that what happened here?

Ye,s it was the mounting bolts that ripped out, the motor surprising escaped unscathed.

I’m not all that surprised; the PG188 can deliver enough torque to lift a robot if you aren’t particularly chuffed about speed; I considered using it for coefficient of friction tests for this reason. How many M4 bolts were in place when it sheared? Do you have logs showing how much current the PG188 was drawing when it sheared those bolts?

Well we were under the impression that we had M4 bolts in the motor at the time of failure, but we have come to the conclusion that we didn’t have the right bolts. We have since replaced them with M4s. And I am not positive if we have those logs, we might.

Ooo something to work with the Sally port and drawbridge. See you guys at NYC.

We can relate https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjIZBcQOSe4