Duck Tape!!!

Has anyone else ever wanted to be able to use duck tape on their robots. To me that would be one of the coolest things ever. I guarentee you that it would add a new element to the game.

They outlaw duct tape so that the competition remains professional, and we don’t have shoddy slapped-together robots making us all look bad.

Duct tape would make our lives easier, but that’s not what this is all about, now is it?

No, because if we could use tape, half the teams would just tape their mechanisms to the robot, or do similarly absurd (and unsafe) things with it.

It keeps robots safer, and more professional.

haha I actually have an outfit of ductape…but a duct tape robot…theres an idea :-p full duct tape, (and wires)

duct tape + robot parts = robot that follows current regulations - nuts and bolts =
robot that falls apart in the middle of a match, thus eliminating that robot’s alliance

What about hot glue?
I have always imagined a team hot glueing victors or FP motors :eek:

Edit: come to think of it, you might not pass inspection with hot glued victors . . . .

You said something about duct tape outfits?

Hot glue is legal, and has been used.

885 tried to use to to hold some bushings in plywood. It didn’t work terribly well. The glue just didn’t stick to the bushings, which given the oil impregnated in the bronze makes plenty of sense.

I know that hot glue is used a lot in consumer electronics as a way to insulate and hold connections, especially things like connectors and jumper wires. I don’t think it has any real place on a FIRST robot, as there are stronger more reliable methods of doing anything that hot glue does, even if Martha Stuart swears by it.

-Andy A.

you know, there is a scholarship out there somewhere that pays you and youre prom date if you both wear duct tape (and ONLY duct tape) to your prom…

Not to get off topic but yeah there is a scholorship. I may try to get it next year but i think its like best in state or best in nationals that get it, and it’s not to much. But it’s still free money

Im certain if there ever comes a day when our robots have heating ducts or cooling ducts, or dryer ducts, or a laundry shoot duct, then FIRST will do the right thing and let us use duct tape, on those components only.

hey. OCCRA allows ducttape… and the robots all show up fine. well… mostly.

that is very reasuring. tell us, please, why they mostly turn up fine.

could some one tell me more about this scholarship? sounds interesting! i would like to apply :slight_smile:

Made myself a duct tape watch tonight (inside of a Burger King watch, with a brand new duct tape band :stuck_out_tongue: ). I think im gonna improve it to have an adjustable strap and everythiing :smiley:

I have a duck tape wallet that i made about 6 months ago, actually my friend has it . it’s really durable, lasted longer than the wallet i got from hottopic.

My friend made duck tape flip flops. They’re the coolest thing ever!! Everyone wants a pair!!