Ducks Win Stanley Cup

Anaheim Ducks win the Stanley Cup in five games over the Ottawa Senators. Congrats Ducks.

GO SABRES 07-08!!!

did they use the flying V in the final game? :smiley:


It was an awesome game, the series was kind of boring though… I was hoping for a 7 game series.

I still hate you pronger…

Nope. Seeing as Disney sold the team, and they are now the Anaheim Ducks (no more Mighty), I don’t see why they would. :wink:

In reality, congratulations to the Ducks. The finals were pretty intense, with 3 of the 5 games being decided by one goal. Sadly, no overtimes though, but we did get the one penalty shot in Game 5. Good job Ducks in keeping the Cup south of the Mason Dixon (just like Carolina and Tampa Bay have the past two seasons). Interesting how all the post-lock out Cups have been between a Canadian team and a Southern team, with the southern team winning. :smiley:

Thanks to the Ducks for knocking out the Wings AND Canucks, I owe you one for shutting up some obnoxious fans…but Brad May, I still hate you.

Ahhh excuse me but… since when is Anaheim south of the Mason Dix… i.e. in the CSA?

While its great that Lord Stanley’s Cup will be spending another year in the USA (I’ve heard its applied for American citizenship) and yes it has been interesting that the south of all places should become the hotbed for pro hockey… makes you wonder whats going on up in yankeeland.
Look at the Rangers with the highest payroll in the NHL.
Whats up Red Wings, Boston ?

I was actually shocked that the teams didn’t make it a seven game stretch.
I’ve long held the view that the NHL and the owner conspire to make it a 7 game deal to cash in on the extra money it brings in.

Congrats to the Ducks for great season but beware… Aunt Bee is very upset over losing that sliver BBQ dish and Andy been told to get it back or she’ll give Barney six bullets for his gun :eek:

Theres a storm brewing… Hurricane warnings are in effect! :cool:

PS… do we have any hockey players out there?
Men’s house rec team and pick ups here… goalie :smiley:

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Actually it just had some difficulties getting it’s passport renewed…


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