Duct Tape Rule???

Our team has a question. Last year, the use of duct tape on the robot was not allowed. We are wondering if we can this year, because we cannot find any rule in the rule books that restricts the use of it.

If anybody has any information on this, or the number of a rule regarding this topic, please respond ASAP!


You answered your own question.

No restrictions on tapes this year.

Even if not specifically disallowed, think twice before using it.

Is it really a good solution? Will it make your team’s work look shoddy? Will it fail sometime before you plan on it?

Also, even though duct or other tapes aren’t specifically prohibited this year, the intent of the rules is that robots should not have structural attachments that are likely to fail on the field, so don’t be surprised if an inspector makes a team re-do a duct taped joint with real fasteners.

First off, tape is a form of fastener. Secondly, if done properly, it has about as much chance of failing as a zip tie or a screw coming lose. I’ll agree that it is not ideal for many situations, however it is definitely perfect for other things. Just make sure you use it properly.

Found this on FIRST Q and A sub-forum. Answer from the GDC.

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Duct Tape Allowed?
Is duct tape allowed on the robot, in either decorative or non-decorative use? The Duct Tape Bandits are anxious to know.


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Re: Duct Tape Allowed?
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