Duct Tape Usage

I did a real quick search and I didn’t see a thread about various uses for duct tape - real and wished.
At both of the barns I have worked at we have used duct tape to hold a diaper-poultice contraption on a horse’s hoof.
Of course there is ducttaping a person to the wall…
Any other unconventional uses?

Elgin (I think…if it wasnt Elgin, it was Billfred…but I’m leaning more toward Elgin) once talked me into making duck tape shoes.

They we’re comfy until I lost them.

My teammate has a duck tape ball, it’s about the size of a poof ball.


I’ve also made a duck tape wallet that my friend stole from me, and a duck tape and caution tape belt that I’ve lost. Once at a team meeting, I was wearing a shirt that said “Duck tape is like the force, it has a light side and a dark side” and my team mate thought it would be funny to put real duck tape on me since the words are pictured on duck tape.

only at pennsic: Taping kids bent on sneeking out to a tree :smiley:

building computers(I miss my ducktape computer with the papertowel roll for an air duct to the CPU)

Just a few minutes ago, I duct taped up a hole in the back of my shorts. No need to see my underwear… :stuck_out_tongue:

A 116 member has a duct tape wallet and I have a duct tape watch (the band anyway, the “watch” itself is the digital part stolen out of a Burger King kid’s meal toy).

I’ve seen people with duct tape shorts. You can use them for making Ratbikes and curing warts.

I’ve used it for making tape footballs.

I saw these at a store for sale in Utah for $20…i little expensive if you cont the fact that you can make one yourself…but still very cool nonetheless
Duck Tape Wallet

I know at least some of you have done this:

Having no other tape on hand, I once used duct tape on a poster for school. I knew it was total overkill, but come on. A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. And if it involves using a foot of 10-ply, waterproof, threaded tape to hold a 4x6 photo onto a piece of posterboard, well then…so be it.

I challenge anyone to find me a tool that is stronger, better, and **manlier ** than a roll of good duct tape!

EB Green
Some of the strongest stuff on the planet…several sources have stated its ability to hold 2000psi pipes and such…now thats manly

Back in the day when you actually had to send in a real hardcopy submission for the Chairman’s Award nomination (instead of the on-line submission we do now), we once made the cover of the Team 116 submission entirely out of duct tape, and all the photographs in the report were duct-taped in place. It made the whole report all nice and shiney!


my macbook ad my TI-89 T both have duct tape cases, and both cases were made 3+ years ago for a different tool(one for a G4, one for a Casio).
no problems with either so far.

also, i make wallets, gloves (for hand protection when messing with 25 and 35 chain), and card deck holders (magic cards mostly, but some others too.)

i am in the process of making a cell phone case for a friend of mine. if i get any pics of these, ill post them if y’all want.


Well on the topic of covering things, I guess I should add that my bible is graced with a duct tape cover (the old one fell off… but now this one is too)

Ohhh … The Duct Tape!

I’ve used it sooo many times. I can make a longest post here, FULL of duct tape :p, but I’ll just mention couple of things I’ve done.
Ever played Cricket? For those who never did, cricket bat is made out of two parts, and both parts are joined together with very strong glue. So once it came apart and i used duct tape to fix it and played a professional match with it. Also I’ve used duct tape several times to temp fix the punctures in a football (also known as soccer ball). Other than that, i made a grip for my tennis and badminton racket/racquet out of duct tape. Like other have mentioned before i also own a duct tape wallet. Once i found a lead (fallen out of a pencil) so i made a Duct Tape Pencil out of that :slight_smile: .

I read the link. That is manly! I think Chuck Norris would approve.
Now then, I’ve got to go eat a steak and listen to Metallica and weld some aluminum.

I was on the tech crew for a fairly large broadway-style production called the Thorn. It had lights, stunts, circe-de-soli-, pyrotechnics, the works. After we were done with teardown, I had a giant ducttape (actually gaff tape) ball aboue 3 feet in diameter. That thing was heavy.

you can enter to win a scholarship for going to prom in duck tape dresses and tuxs. It looks pretty sweet! It might take awhile to make, but i’ve seen some wicked sweet designs and they’re arent simple either.

I vaguely remember that… or… maybe I don’t?? lol
Cool beans though Michelle.

I’ll have to visit you for a custom fitting and you’ll have to make me a pair during Nats next year. :yikes: :wink: :smiley:

As far as duct tape uses goes, I should really (not say this for fear someone else will pwn my car like this) but… I should like… pimp out my car and make the hood covered in duct tape.

Or… maybe a big silver duct tape racing stripe… lol who knows… :wink:

A nice 6" wide duct tape racing stripe right down the center of the car would be cool… eh maybe with some single strips down the sides too… spaced out a bit… so it’s a nice 3-stripe combo??

No… honest… I have never thought of doing this… :wink:

Well at ramtech once or twice our mentor went duct tape crazed and we almost duct taped the whole robot 3 years ago instead of welding. Was carazy!

I am the proud owner of a silver and yellow card deck cover, which is actually very useful. My friends have also made duct tape ties (really ugly), duct tape wallets (very useful), and a duct tape purses (it only looks as good as the effort you put into it).

It would also be good to start a separate thread on zip-tie usage. All hail the amazing duct tape and the mighty zip-tie!!! :]

I’ve used Zip ties for computers as well.

My band has also used duct tape recently to hold guitar straps on the guitar and to hold mic and mic cables together