Duct tape

Where in the rules does it say duct tape isnt allowed. at a scrimmage at team came up to us and said the duct tape on the end of our claw would not be allowed at competition. i ::rtm:: the rule book, i didnt find anything about this? and help would be great!

You probably did a better job of reading the rules than the person who told you it would not be allowed.

There used to be a rule about adhesive tape only being allowed if it’s electrical tape used to insulate wiring.

And that particular rule hasn’t been on the books for at least two years now.

well the tube in our gripper wasnt tight enought so we put some air hose on it and duct tape over it and they came up to me and told me that we would have to change it because duct tape isnt allowed on the robot.

Who is “they”? A FIRST robot inspector? or another student or mentor? If that happens again, perhaps you could ask for a rule number?

Y’all tell the next one who says that that they need to read the 2011 rulebook instead of the 2007 one. :wink: Better if you say it with an inspection pass sticker on your robot, though.

I’ll second this and add that if it was a Fighting Calculator student let me know. I’ll make sure they get a talking to for spreading FUD :wink:

No i wasnt a fighting calculator btw i liked your robot at the scrimmage, i believe it was one of the simley kids or a student from team 3130.

I wouldn’t be mad at them, they were just trying to be helpful.