Dude! I'm new.

Ok now that I played with that can some one help me?

Firstly, welcome to CD and FIRST. Secondly, maybe I missed something but help you with what? :smiley:

Welcome to FIRST and ChiefDelphi! I hope that you find this site as a useful resource.

Of course we’d love to help you!

Why don’t you start right here? There’s some great substance there about the forums and good things you should know, if you haven’t had a chance to read through it already.

Once you do, take a look around. Read threads, find what you’re interested in, and remember that everyone starts off new here at some point. Welcome to Chief, and enjoy your stay.

we can either help you ourselves

or design a family of robots to help you ºiº]

Are you really new??? Gosh, let me see… only one post so far, only one rep bar, joined in august of 2006, ehh… umm… I guess that counts as new. lol :smiley:

Welcome aboard!!!

Welcome! Hope you enjoy the ride. :smiley:

Yeah. One bit of advice: Hang on. FIRST is crazy, fun, and faster than you’d think.

And welcome to CD! may you (Insert some fortune cookie worthy saying here)

842.001 <= is that a website / URL address?

Sure, you might want to spell check your sig. :wink:

Personally I would also change your location to a state at least. Having “USA” makes it look like a spammer. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome to CD, side effects aren’t limited too, but may include, addiction to mechanical and electrical assemblies, desire to program in C, drawing objects in Solidworks and subconscious learning! :slight_smile:

voted for - Come here little person

Welcome to ChiefDelphi. Hope you find the answers your looking for.

I think that’s a team number.

Welcome to CD! You’ll find this is basically the coolest place on the internet.

david is that u? lol!!!


My name is Gabriel Toledo and a student attending Carl Hayden.
Team 842 falcons (quote my name, 842.001)

I thank the people that voted no.

Carl Hayden is the school that started up our team. You guys are awesome!

Nope. You started your team. We just keep saying, “Good Job”.

All kidding aside, your team has done so much in your “rookie” year that I think you are serious contenders for the Chairman’s Award. The enthusiasm and hard work of your students and teachers is inspiring.

Gotta love the FIRST culture.

Welcome!! :smiley:

You remind me of me when I first started here, I also posted an I am new thread of some sort, and bam, everyone was here to help me out!!!

Feel free to IM me or anything if you ever need anything, I love to help.
I may be rather busy all the time with my first semester of college and all, but feel free to drop me a line, I do miss FIRST right now because I am too busy to be involved!

I hope you have a great time in FIRST and on CD, its a great place for everything FIRST!


I would put “Your soul will be mine. evil laugh” if I weren’t new

oh snaps im alimni wo wo guess what i go over alot of the time i have free to help out how ever i can n welcome to chief delphi this place is reall y nice and every body loves to help each other its awesome