Duel Attendees: Comments on FIRST Vex Challenge Field

For those of you CDers that attended the Duel on the Delaware - what do you think of the FIRST Vex Challenge Field for “Half-Pipe Hustle.” I know there was a good deal of activity around the field for most of the day.

Thanks to Joe Perrotto (365), Alan Hinde (formerly 316), and John V Neun (Innovation FIRST) for coordinating the “coming together” of the field for Saturday’s event.

To the best of our knowledge, this was the first time anywhere the “Half-Pipe Hustle” field was available for public viewing.

While eating lunch I saw Morgan(1721s mentor for the event) explain the game to me. I thought it was very interesting and challenging. VEX seems to be doing well at off-seasons.

First I would like to thank 365 and 316 for putting on another great event.

Having the field there was a great help to the VEX teams who could attend. I appreciate the fact that you lets us drive our Vex robots on it as well let us walk all over it to take measurements. Being able to work with the ball loader was great. I tried out about 5 different ideas. I think people saw they great flexibility with the VEX system. Do you guys know when they are going re-release the final field dimensions? I know there was a lot of discrepancies about the center goal and the decks. Again thanks for providing this opportunity for VEX teams and in addition to hosting the VEX competition in January.

P.S. If you need somewhere to store VEX field I have a nice empty spot in my basement! :smiley:

Does anyone have any pictures of the field? With our current brainstorming, it would be great to see some scaled pictures to get a handle on it. From the inital drawings, it seems quite large, and no where near as easy to store as last years’ VEX field (the mini-2004 game.)

We’ll be mocking up the triangular scoring tower tonight (10/25/05) with cardboard/foamcore, and driving around a bit with our 2 vex bots. Any help on those pics would be greatly appreciated.






Thanks, John! Well, what do you know? Gravity works! (At least in this case.)