Duel Fun Round

One of the joys of working with the Duel on the Delaware planning team is coming up with a fun round game which is somewhat different from our regular matches. Last year, the fun round was robots had to perform “nano-robotic” surgery by removing the goals (foreign objects) from a body (the playing field).

This year, we have a western theme event called the Robotic Rodeo Roundup, where robots are cowboys herding bins into pens. We had other suggestions including using bins as playing cards.

Go to the EVENTS section of the DUEL ON THE DELAWARE link for more details of our Fun Round. For those of you who are not coming to the Duel, here is what you will be missing. For those of you who are attending, feel free to wear appropriate western attire for our Fun Round.

Varmints, see y’all at the Duel this Saturday. Yee-hah!

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