Duel In the Desert 2009

To all arizona teams any word a pre-ship competition this year i realize the floor pieces are expensive but if everyone pitches in we could probably make half a field if anything.Our team plans on making a trailer and we already have twelve orbit balls.

As usual, I doubt our team can make it (travel expenses and time), but we’ll sure try…

i’ll have to ask our team president.

If admin approves we may host it at our school and we may have some sort of field and definitely a trailer

How is this going? We might be able to attend, if a team is the Phoenix area is able to host. Anything we can do to help?

I’m also curious to hear if anyone will be able to host it this year. We have no way to host it, but we do have a trailer and approx. 15 balls that can be used.

  • Austin

I’ll check if my team has found out anymore about potentially hosting (unfortunately I’m not in the same city right now). I know in the past it has been a quick no for any questions like this, but the new administration likes us alot more than most of when I was there, so who knows?

If no school can host this is there any way to have sort of an impromptu event? I’m having difficulty thinking of a random place you could easily set up 5 to 10 teams and run around in (why don’t they have FRP coated indoor public parks :stuck_out_tongue: ?).

Yeah, I can’t think of anywhere either… But we’re game for just about any time if some place is found!

  • Austin


It sounds like there won’t be any sort off pre-season event this year. (Unless it’s tomorrow and I didn’t hear about it :stuck_out_tongue: ) Is there any chance of making it a post-season event? That would give people plenty of time to organize and prepare without being busy actually building the robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Austin

Maybe but we still have to find a place to host it, and I believe that will be the major road block. Teams have always pitched in to bring game pieces and field elements but not much can happen unless a school or a very nice sponsor is willing to let us use a considerable amount of space.