Duel on the Delaware 2013 GoPro Compilation Videos

After much delay, I finally found the time to finish editing an uploading the video footage that I took of a few teams back at Duel on the Delaware 2013. I was fortunate enough to have 6 teams let me record one of their matches, using three different camera angles:

  1. A GoPro onboard their robot
  2. A GoPro on their driver station facing their drive team
  3. A phone camera from the stands

Unfortunately, the onboard GoPro had a bad habit of turning itself off, and only worked for 3 of the teams. So, the compilations of Teams 1640, 3314, and 75 are composed of three videos, while those of Teams 1370, 225, and 3974 only have two.

Here is the full playlist, and here are the individual videos:

Thanks again to all of the amazing and gracious teams! I hope to be able to do this again at additional competitions in the 2014 season.

I watched the 1640 match! Loved the split view you presented, that is super cool.

The robot eye view is neat, those little guys really spin and bounce around the field!

Thanks for doing this, I can’t imagine the hours you spent to piece all this together.