Duel on the Delaware 2022 - Oct. 15, 2022

Duel 2022

Team 365 Miracle Workerz and Team 316 LUNATECS are thrilled to be hosting the 20th Duel on the Delaware, on October 15th, 2022 at Salem Community College in Carneys Point, NJ.

We will be playing Rapid React and some exciting rule changes and additions are in the works. We’d like Duel to be as much about the teams as possible so suggestions are definitely welcome! We will also be continuing our traditions of the Mike Wade Memorial “Duel Master Volunteer” Award and mock Chairman’s sessions judged by our co-host, 2007 HOF winning Team 365 Miracle Workerz.

For more info and to register, visit duelonthedelaware.com

If you are interested in volunteering, you can dm me or email us at [email protected]

Keep an eye on this thread for all new event info and updates. Thank you and we hope to see you at the 20th Duel!


Is there a team list available anywhere?

From FMA Discord on 9/26:

  1. Miss Daisy 341
  2. Heights Bytes 7110
  3. Robolancers 321
  4. StuyPulse 694
  5. Hivemind 2495
  6. Sa-BOT-age 1640
  7. Krypton Cougars 2539
  8. Lunatecs 316
  9. Moe 365
  10. Midnight inventors 1923
  11. Fighting Robovikings 2607
  12. Redbird Robotics 1807
  13. Falcobots 5457
  14. Anomaly 816
  15. Roboforce 484
  16. Lunatecs B team
  17. Redbird B Team
  18. Metal moose 1391
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This is correct :slight_smile: and updated.

Is there a schedule posted anywhere? I see doors open at 7am but curious about when matches start and when event is scheduled to end.

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A schedule will be sent out in the next few days to teams :slight_smile:

These are the shirts we’re gonna be selling!

We also plan to have a team list on the back

A few questions about the shirt:

  1. How much is the shirt?
  2. Are you planning on making the shirt available for shipping?
  3. Is there a version of the shirt with just the logo, no text anywhere on it (front or back)?

It sent out this morning but here’s the schedule :slight_smile:

Time Activity

6:30AM Volunteer Arrival Time
7:00AM Doors / Pits Open for Teams
8:00AM Practice Rounds
9:15 AM Opening Ceremonies
National Anthem
Featured Speakers
Game/Scoring Review
9:30AM-12:30PM Qualifying Rounds
9:00AM–10:30AM Mock Chairman’s Presentation
12:30PM (estimated) Alliance Selection / LUNCH
1:30PM Awards
Michael Wade Duel Master Volunteer Award
1:45 PM - 4:00 PM Elimination Rounds
4:00PM (estimated) Awards/Closing Ceremonies
Special Awards
Duel Finalists
Duel Champions
4:45PM Field Breakdown

The shirts will be 25$. I can make sure we set 1 aside and ship to you if you cover the cost of shipping.

Probably not possible to get another version of the shirt:(

Here is a Link to rule changes for Duel On The Delaware 2022 :slight_smile:


Practice matches started at the Duel. Now streaming on YouTube